How to keep up with the regulations on vaping

With all the regulations that are coming down on the vape industry how can one person keep up with all of them? It would be almost impossible to keep up with all the laws that are being passed and understanding that not everyone is a lawyer, I am by no means one myself. So for me, and the average person it is hard to understand the legal garble that is written. and who has the money to pay a lawyer to explain a law in a way that everyone can understand. So for the average person it leaves other possibilities.

• Find someone that can explain the laws

• Try to read and understand them yourself

• Go with the flow and do what everyone else does

For the consumers

The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) is a non-profit organization that can help the average person understand the legislation that is trying to be passed. This organization is also fighting some of the unfair laws that might get passed if no one does anything about it.

Calls to Action

CASAA has “calls to action” that get updated when a new law is trying to get through at the state as well as the federal level. These calls to action are very helpful so you know what is going on in your state about the laws that are up for a vote without having to be glued to the news or read through hundreds of pages of legislation to find a law about vaping.

On CASAA’s website you can also write a testimonial about your story with vaping and share with the community about how vaping changed your life. They also have a lot of literature about vaping and the science to go with it, this is good knowledge to have especially when someone that is only informed by the main stream media tries to demonize the vapor product that you might have or be looking into.

For the vape shops

If you are a vape shop owner or want to become one a good organization for you would be, Smoke-Free Alternatives Trade Association (SFATA) this organization helps the small business owners educate themselves and their consumers.

When looking into owning a business you are faced with a lot of legal issues and with a vape shop you have even more. Trying to stay up to date on all the legality side of the business can be a full time job in itself, then you actually have to run the shop for the hours that you have predetermined.

To run any business successfully the owner has to be very self-motivated and have TEAMS in place in case something arises. Something always seems to happen unexpectedly, even if you can stay on top of everything and keep up to date on everything eventually you will get burnt out, if you are doing it solo.

Local Organizations

Many states have local smoke free associations, you may be able to find a local group on facebook, twitter, Instagram, orother social media platforms. Or you can simply do a google search for “vaping advocacy+(your state)” and you will find a bunch of advocacy driven organizations.

If you have a busy lifestyle and are constantly on the go you can find a podcast to listen to on your way to work, gym, or the ride home. This is also a great option if you don’t like to read a lot especially “big words” me personally big words hurt my head. If I read a long post that is filled with legal terms that I cannot pronounce I will lose interest very fast.

But if I can listen to someone else talk about what is going on and that has more time to get into the nitty gritty of things, as long as it is a reputable source that many others trust then I know I will get good honest information that I would be able to understand.

You still have to find the time to find a reputable source of information, thankfully we live in the information age. Sometimes it’s a course and sometimes it’s a blessing, with the power of the internet and having the world in the palm of your hands it shouldn’t take more than an hour or two to find that good source of information. Or several sources of information to choose from.

I would suggest looking at some of the reviewers online or YouTube and see what they suggest for their own advocacy information. In the end the final decision is yours and yours alone whatever you decide to do just remember if you’re not informing yourself about what you put in your body then who is and do they really have YOUR best interests in mind?

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