How do you choose an e-liquid to vape? It can almost be as hard as trying to choose an atomizer, device, or a battery. There are so many flavors now that it’s hard to not want to try them all.

Every vape shop is different in what devices they carry or the batteries even different e-liquid. All though there are some flavors of e-liquid that are in pretty much all shops and those are the bigger brands like CuttWood, Killer Custard, and a few more. Some vape shops carry a house e-liquid that the owner had gotten with an e-liquid manufacturer and they have worked on what flavors they wanted for that shop.

For someone that wants to try every flavor possible there are online vendors that you can order from and pick an e-liquid and try it out for a reasonable price. For someone on a budget there are also an online vendors that you can subscribe to like Zamplebox and for a monthly fee they will send you a box with different e-liquid in it every month until you decide to stop the subscription.

Vape shops

When you go to a brick and mortar shop you can get involved in your community and network with other vapors locally. This is a good way to hear about things that are going on locally, not everyone on the internet is going to have up to date information about local events. And maybe you can pass on the information that you have obtained to a new vaper and welcome them into the community. Having a local shop that you can go to and talk vape with can also be beneficial to your knowledge. You can also get help when trying to choose a good e-liquid flavor to vape, by hearing other people’s opinions on different e-liquid.

Choosing the right e-liquid

When looking online or at you local BM shop it can be a little overwhelming with all the flavors of e-liquid. Not to mention when you start looking at the ingredients you might see 80VG/20PG 3MG NIC and the flavorings. The 80/20 would be the 80% vegetable glycerin which forms the “cloud” that you can see, and the Propylene Glycol will give you a “throat hit”. The 3MG NIC is referring to the nicotine content per milliliter. Now its good to know that some people have a PG allergy, so if you are one of these people then all you must do is get a higher VG e-liquid like max VG.

Some e-liquids have artificial sweeteners that can gunk up the coils in your atomizer faster than those without them. So, when trying to choose the “right e-liquid” that is all subjective, it depends in your personal taste. You can break this down by category do you like deserts, fruit, tobacco, or other? What is you favorite deserts, fruits or candy?

Its usually a good idea to start with something that you like and then experiment from there weather you have a subscription to get new e-liquids every month or you go to your local brick and mortar and buy a new bottle every week, your just going to have to find what suits your palate. As you move through your vaping journey your palate will evolve and you’ll end up expanding the flavors that you vape. 

Some popular e-liquids

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