My story with vaping

The first time I tried vaping was in late 2008. I was walking in the mall just looking at what was in the stores picking up a few things before my company got deployed. I came across this little booth that was selling products in the isle of the mall it was called Unique e-cigs. The woman asked me if I was a smoker and I said that I was, “well this can help you to quit smoking” said the sales woman. She was telling me about the products that they had to sell, at the time it didn’t make sense to me. I asked how much the products where and I ended up buying the cheapest one.

It was a cigalike, a small device it had a battery, an atomizer, and a cartridge that had some polypill, you would be able to put 15-20 drops into and get about 10-15 drags on before you would have to refill the cartridge. The whole package cost me about $90.00 and it came with two batteries, a recharging pack/caring case and two starter cartridges and a 5ml bottle of e-liquid. I also bought another pack of cartomizers (the atomizer and cartridge) at the time a five pack at that booth was $12-$15.

The sales woman at the booth help me set up the device and I puffed on it for a while. It wasn’t bad but wasn’t a traditional cig like I was used too, it didn’t give me the same satisfaction. I would use it when I was in the barracks. The flavor didn’t taste like much, it wasn’t a good tobacco flavor it was more of a hint of watery tobacco with a cream flavor on the exhale. It had a good throat hit, after a while I found that it started to irritate my throat and I would stop.

I was worried about the batteries rolling around in my pocket, so I never brought it when I went to train. And at the time I wasn’t into doing research in my spare time, I just wanted to hang out with my friends, explore the town near where my duty station was.

It wasn’t until after a few years of being an over the road truck driver in 2015 that I started to notice I was having a hard time breathing and was out of breath when I would walk more than a hundred feet. One day my better half suggested to try vaping to cut down on how much we where smoking to try and save money. We where trying to figure out where to buy an e-cigarette, by asking the all knowing google. It came up with Unique e-cigs, I had remembered that name from a few years back, but now it was in its own building and they had more products.

We bough starter kits, and e-liquid. They had a limited selection of e-liquid and I didn’t want to try to buy something online without being able to taste it first. Being an over the road truck driver I was away from the house for weeks at a time so if I picked something, I didn’t like it was a waste.

The starter kits that we had bought was an ego battery with an iclear16. The coil looked like something out of a Syfy movie stuffed into a semi clear plastic tube. The e-liquid would have to travel up the wicks to get to the coil. That was called a top coil design, not very effective in my opinion. I was getting constant dry hits. I was even trying to mess with it. Trying to get it to wick better and the only thing I found that worked most of the time was to turn it upside down every 4-5 drags. Needless to say, that didn’t last very long, I went back to traditional tobacco.

When I was on the road, I started to watch YouTube videos on vaping. The first reviewer I came across was Grimmgreen. I started watching his videos and learning about different devices, and the terms that vapors used. The more videos I watched the more I learned, I started to watch other reviewers as well and learning different points of view. Eventually I tried a bunch of different products trying to find a device that would give me enough satisfaction to stop smoking.

After a few years of trying different devices and flavors I finally found a device that worked. For me I couldn’t use tanks unless I was at the house or I chain vaped it until it was empty. Because with a tank it worked on pressure and when I would go through the mountains the outside pressure changed and I messed up the vacuum.

I got a rebuildable dripping atomizer (RDA) with an IPV3 and a couple of EZ dripper bottles. That’s what I found that worked for me, today I have a topside squonker with a rebirth RDA and I can’t choose on one flavor, I like all the flavors. My go to flavors right now are the Juice Head line. I also use a small mouth to lung (MTL) pod system that has a higher nicotine level. It is my opinion that these are the better of the devices for a over the road truck driver that go over various terrain’s.

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