What batteries do you use for vaping?

There are many batteries for many things, you have certain batteries that work in a television remote control and different ones for your laptop. For vaping it’s the same way, most vape mods have an internal rechargeable battery and some mods you must buy specific external batteries.

Depending on the mod that will determine which batteries you’ll have to buy and it’s a good idea to have a charger for those external batteries. The most common batteries for vaping now are the 18650, 20700, 21700.

Are batteries safe?

The 18650 battery is the “AA” of vaping it’s the most commonly used in mods. There is some safety you want to remember when using or storing the batteries, to avoid any catastrophic happenings.

1. Always charge the batteries outside the mod on an appropriate charger, unless the mod has an internal battery.

2. Don’t carry batteries in your pocket with coins or other lose metal objects

3. Store your batteries safely don’t exceed the temperature rating of the batteries, try to keep at room temp.

4. Have a plastic or silicone protective carrying case, this will help protect your batteries from getting damaged.

The biggest thing that you want to be mindful of when handling these batteries would be the protective wrapping on the exterior of the battery. This protective sleeve is a PVC heat shrink; it is durable but not indestructible. When you are taking the batteries in and out of your mod it’s a good rule of thumb to look over and feel your batteries, for scratches, dents, or any other defect that might affect the use of the battery.

Another good thing to practice would be to let your batteries rest in between charging. If you discharge your batteries then take them out of the mod and they feel warm, instead of putting them directly onto the charger, just set them aside for a few mins (5-10) then put them onto the charger.

When your looking at what battery to buy there are many factors to look at,

• What mod are you using the batteries in unregulated (parallel/series or combo), tube mod, or a regulated mod.

• What ohms are you going to run 1.0ohms 0.5 ohms or less

• What are you needing out of your batteries (amps/volts)?

• How long do you want or need your batteries to last?

When you are diving into the realm of unregulated mods you are getting more into the hobby side of things, more tinkering is involved. As far as the batteries to choose well that involves more than just the batteries. You really must do your research on the mod, coils, batteries, and most importantly OHMS LAW. The more you tinker with things and try different set ups and configurations the easier it will become to choose a battery for the application you need.

When looking at a regulated mod you must know a little less because the chip inside the mod has protections built into it.

• It won’t let the battery drain too much

• If the ohms are too low, it will not fire and will usually have a warning

• If there is a hard short the mod will not fire and have a warning

These are some of the nice built in features of having a regulated mod, it takes some of the operator error out of the equation, but not all. Remember you are the biggest safety and you are responsible for your own safety!

If you have ever looked online about what “batteries to buy for vaping” there are a lot of the best battery for vaping, the best battery, the cheapest battery, ect.

The choice is up to you, but just like anything else you get what you pay for, and the battery in vaping is the power supply and batteries in general are very volatile if used improperly. For example, if you’ve seen the news, you’ll hear stories about EXPLODING BATTERIES! In the more recent years the media has gone after vaping hard core, and the batteries that vapers use are the most dangerous batteries ever. Which is not true at all the battery is just a battery, it’s how it is treated, cared for, and used that can make it harmful.

Inform Yourself

For more information you can check out this affliliate link: shrsl.com/1pcoh I am not an expert and do not fancy myself as one these opinions are my own.

BATTERY MOOCH is the guru of batteries for the vape community. But don’t take my word for it look for yourself, do your own research and make an educated conclusion on your own.

mAh or milliamp Hour this tells us about how long the battery will last the higher the number the longer it will last (2500mAh – 3000mAh). This is only true depending on what kind of set up you have and how “hot” or at what wattage you are running your device at.

For my own way I like to vape I use a regulated mod that has the capability of 100+ watts that uses two or three 18650 batteries (2500-3000mAh 40A), with an RDA 0.2-ohm coils. This gives me a pretty decent battery life running the mod at 90-100 watts, this setup gives me that warm to hot vape that I have found I enjoy most of the time, but I also like a “cooler” vape sometimes. For me its about the flavor and satisfaction I get from the devices.

When you are choosing a mod, atomizer, and batteries you might have to mess around with different set ups, ohms, volts, and wattages to find out what you will like to vape. Everything is circumstantial and everyone has their own preferences.

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